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Polyester flags
Fabulous low-cost flags printed onto 75 denier polyester in bold, clear colours. These flags are designed for indoor/sporting use but may also be flown outside for short periods. Finished as standard with US-style metal eyelets/grommets.

Club flag is the LOGO flag of different sport club.
Size:90x150cm 120x180cm
Materials:Polyester 68D 75D 150D
delivery time:15 days.
car flags
Car flag
Car flag can be used as decorative flag in the organization activity of enterprice and can be placed in the front and the side part of car.
Materials:Polyester 75D 150D
Car mirror cover mirror sock
Car mirror cover
Boat flag can be hanged in different types boat pole for the purpose of distinguishing each boat team or group.
Materials :Polyester 75D 150D
polyester flags
Club flags Sport flag
Club flag is the LOGO flag of different sport club.
Size:90x150cm 120x180cm
Materials:Polyester 75D 150D
country flags
country flags
Size:14x21cm 30x45cm 60x90cm 90x150cm 120x180cm 180x300cm
Materials:Polyester 75D 150D
table flags
Table flags
Table flag can be used in the occation like office, meeting room and negotiation place.
Materials:Polyester 75D
Hand flags Stick flag
Hand flag is mainly used in large-scale activity.
Size:10x15cm 18x27cm
Materials:Polyester 75D
embroidered flags
Embroidered flags
Safety flag Warning flag tracffic flag PVC flag
Safety flag Warning flag tracffic flag PVC flag
Orange red color wrap knited frbic is the main material for safty flag. Safty flag is commonly used in transportation. There are string type, hang flag typ etc.
Size:18"x18" 24"x24"
Fanbana rolling banner
Fanbana is commonly usded in different type sport game. It is very popular for its mini size and easy-carry.
Materials:2mil PET
自行车旗 婴儿车旗 手推车旗
Bicycle safety flag stoller flag
Bicycle safty flag is installed in the back side of baby stoller for the purpose of warning the vehicle driver.
shop flags wall flags
Wall flag Shop flag
Wall flag is commonly used in the promotional actitity, and can be installed in the entrance of the shopping mall.
bunting string flags
PE flag string Pe bunting
PE flag can be used in festival activity, car competitive. It take place of polyester for nice print and competitive price.
Size:24x30cm 30x32cm

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